BidOkee is big on social currency with DIY crowdfunding

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BidOkee is revolutionizing crowdfunding.

We are building a do-it-yourself crowdfunding platform to let anyone create their own, stand-alone, customized crowdfunding site.

And we’re building in gamification, e-commerce and multiple revenue streams beyond direct pledges to share with each campaign. Our goal is to be sharing $100 million annually with our campaigners. It is sort of like a cooperative model.

One of the ways we are fomenting revolution is through the building of network value and social currency.

In traditional crowdfunding, backers are only as good as their wallets. BidOkee wants to open crowdfunding up to everyone. To do this, we have created a “give or get” DIY crowdfunding model. Backers can pledge their own money or get friends to do so.

If backers have thousands of followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Twitter or YouTube, they are influencers and provide a network value – and should be rewarded for it.

In today’s world, a user’s network is a valuable asset. But is rarely treated as such by crowdfunding platforms. Traditional crowdfunding campaigns do not reward users for their influence or network value.

BidOkee builds social currency through rewards and social functionality components that benefit and reward each user, which in turn benefits each DIY campaign. As BidOkee’s social currency increases, so does the status and influence of its users (similar to why people do not delete their Facebook accounts). This will provide significance to what users place on their BidOkee accounts and allow for high retention, acquisition and redemption rates on the BidOkee platform.

BidOkee is ready to make big waves in the DIY crowdfunding ocean.

We have a prototype. Check it out at! Help make it happen – we need your support.