Aim for the moon

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A British group is crowdfunding a trip to the moon.

Well, it’s more than a trip. The initiators of Lunar Mission One are plotting a massive scientific undertaking culminating in a moon excursion a decade from now to research whether human beings could make a life there.

In the meantime, they are offering reservations for a time capsule to be buried on the moon, which would include “digital memory boxes” that could contain written material, photos, even locks of hair which, presumably, would store your DNA at a safe distance.

Organizers call it the “most inspirational lunar mission since the Apollo landings.”

They are not only crowdfunding, but crowdsourcing.

“Our aim is for this to be a lunar mission for everyone; we want people from around the world to be a part of this mission, to support it but also to be involved in key discussions and decisions about central elements of the project,” their website says. “Lunar Mission One will make fresh scientific discoveries on the Moon, but we also want the project to help us learn more about our own planet and its history. Bringing together schools, academics and the general public from across the world, Lunar Mission One will provide the funds to create a publically assembled, free to access digital record of Life on Earth – of human history and civilisation, and a scientific description of the biosphere with a database of species. Publically owned and accessible to all, our Public Archive is a hugely ambitious plan that could only be resourced by a project of this scale.”

Meanwhile, BidOkee has an ambitious mission, too. Though it is a little more down-to-earth. In fact, there could hardly be anything more down-to-earth than being rewarded with real, valuable stuff for playing games you love.

BidOkee is launching a free-to-play game with a free-to-win value proposition. You play. You earn virtual net worth. You convert your virtual net worth into real net worth by obtaining stuff you want and need, like gift cards, electronics and apparel. All free.

To finish developing this revolutionary app, we have developed a revolutionary crowdfunding campaign. This is the world’s first gamified crowdfunding campaign, in which you can win great prizes just for backing us. And, just like the app we are building, the crowdfunding platform lets you participate without every putting out a cent. It’s a revolution. You should be a part of it.