BidOkee Crowdfunding Pays it Forward

BidOkee’s DIY crowdfunding is paying it forward

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Crowdfunding is still remarkably new and it is changing radically day by day.

A lot of crowdfunding campaigns are learning on the job, finding out what works (and, too often, what doesn’t) by trial and error.

It would be ideal if successful campaigns could give a leg up to newbies. And it would be especially valuable if campaigns could support each other through cross-pollination.

BidOkee is making that possible.

We are building a do-it-yourself crowdfunding platform that will let anyone build their own crowdfunding site with features and components that exceed anything in the industry today – including multiple revenue streams.

Among the ways BidOkee will help is letting campaigns work together to build cross pollination of their products. For example, because BidOkee incorporates a loyalty rewards system that lets backers earn points to use in contests and live online auctions, there are diverse opportunities to feature products that have been previously successfully crowdfunded. Therefore, a new up-and-coming campaign will offer loyalty rewards points to its backers who will then bid on auctions populated with products from other start-up campaigns. Rather than the auctions offering only familiar consumer products, the goal is to have thousands of backers from thousands of campaigns spending loyalty points purchasing innovative products from start-up campaigns on the BidOkee auction platform. This provides enormous exposure and sales for the new start-ups.

This kind of mutual support is just one of the ways BidOkee is revolutionizing crowdfunding.

Our do-it-yourself gamified crowdfunding platform is going to change the way the world crowdfunds.

We have a prototype. Check it out at! Help make it happen – we need your support.