Collecting can get out of hand

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There is something about watching other people collect things that is both irresistible and repellant. American Pickers, the TV show in which antique hunters scour garages, basements and barns for cool finds, can be an enjoyable watch. Hoarders, on the other hand, is a cautionary tale about collecting getting way out of control.

A Vancouver man cleared out a major stockpile of all sorts of stuff recently. Wayne Learie is an antique dealer known as “The Mad Picker.” He is in the business of buying and selling stuff. Apparently he recently decided he should clear some space and so he held an auction. He assembled 550 lots for sale, featuring telephones, gramophones, Victorian furniture, pinball machines, silverware, taxidermy, statuary and plenty more.

His reason for divesting himself of inventory? To get more stuff.

For Learie, collecting is a business. For most of us, though, it’s a pastime. Collecting stuff is a hobby almost everyone participates in. For many of us, depending on our age, it may have started with baseball or hockey cards, stamps or coins, then maybe shoes, ceramic figurines, cats … and then there’s some really weird collections. On not-rare-enough occasions, it turns into a problem, threatening family harmony and the ability to get the car into the garage.

Now there’s a better way. BidOkee is building an app that lets you travel the world and assemble an assortment of valuable collectibles! It’s a virtual travel experience, of course, and the collectibles are not real, which means you don’t have to hire a dumpster to clear out the garage to make room. But there’s a twist – and it’s a big one.

As you advance through the game and assemble more and more valuable collectibles in your vault, you accumulate Net Worth. In BidOkee, unlike in any existing free-to-play game, your Net Worth can be converted into real, tangible, valuable stuff, like gift cards, electronics and apparel.

BidOkee is an in-development app that will let you play a fun, familiar game and win great stuff for free. And you don’t need to worry about storing your collectibles!

To finish the app, which is about half-way to completion, we are crowdfunding the project. Since we’re building a revolutionary app, we certainly weren’t going to settle for anything short of a revolution in crowdfunding. So we took the gamification component of the app we’re building and embedded it in our crowdfunding campaign – creating the world’s first gamified crowdfunding campaign.

And, like the app we are developing, it is free-to-play. A crowdfunding campaign that doesn’t require money? Are we mad? No. But you will be if you don’t get in the loop by joining today. We launch soon.