DIY Crowdfunding: BidOkee lets you own your site

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In today’s world, especially because of Millennials who are behind many of the one million start-ups each year, customer and user empowerment is shaping entire industries. The technology revolution is about empowering the individual to take control of their environment.

Mobile technology provides instantaneous freedom that empowers the individual – such as our smartphones and tablets, which are replacing desktops and laptops and which may one day themselves be replaced by wearable gadgets.

The advent of social media has transformed media altogether, providing an immediate outlet to millions of people to create success stories overnight or, on the other hand, ravaging people and companies just as quickly. The power of instantaneous communities is shaping politics and creating revolutions.

And this has created a do-it-yourself (DIY) culture that is expected and demanded by a generation that is liberated by technology. DIY is now mainstream and has turned the table on big corporations. Rather than being spoon-fed by advertisers telling us what we should think, this generation of savvy technology users is telling corporations what they want and expect. Corporations are getting their marching orders from the masses via social media and app connectivity. The DIY culture expects equity, fair play, transparency and control over their circumstances. They want to know that information collected on them will benefit them, not just the company. They want to know that the social currency they provide a company will benefit them too.

Part of the DIY culture is the sharing of things, especially as the world becomes smaller via social media. As a result, a collaborative environment – or cooperative model – is emerging on the internet where people are empowered individually and as a result are sharing collectively. The more empowered people feel, the more they wish to share and help others.

And as the DIY culture continues to emerge, individuals are looking for more customization that will meet their personal goals, yet still allow them to participate collectively. That means they want to be self-empowered, with the ability to control (and monetize) their own information or to use it to benefit others.

There is a collision imminent between these expectations and the way crowdfunding is operating today.

It may seem obvious, but your crowdfunding site and the community you build on it should stay in your hands.

And yet, in almost every case, the crowdfunding mega-sites maintain ownership over your site and the information about the people who come to it. This goes against the emerging DIY collective culture that is driving people to build their own websites, fix things around the house with help from the local building centre and the overall do-it-yourself attitude.

BidOkee has a different way of doing things.

BidOkee is building a gamified DIY crowdfunding platform that will allow anyone to build — and own — their own crowdfunding site.

The content is yours. The web address is yours. The branding is yours. It’s all yours.

It’s a wonder nobody thought of it before.

When you own your own crowdfunding site, you can mobilize your network for stretch goals or subsequent campaigns. When you have successfully reached your goals, you can mobilize your networks again in support of other campaigns you love. Owning your own crowdfunding campaign site just makes sense.

BidOkee is making it a reality.

We need you to make BidOkee a reality. Please support BidOkee’s crowdfunding for crowdfunding campaign and check out the amazing rewards you can get, including subscriptions when we launch that will help you reach your goals quickly.

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