Social Responsibility built in to BidOkee DIY Crowdfunding

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Corporate social responsibility is a new bottom line.

Especially for younger consumers, supporting businesses that do good in the world is a priority.

When BidOkee is completed, it will integrate CSR opportunities and charitable giving seamlessly into the design of our platform. Campaigns can offer backers the opportunity to allocate a percentage of their pledges to charities – BidOkee’s structure allows a single featured charity, a choice among several causes, or even a contest in which backers can vote for the charities they want the community to support. This can be a winner-take-all vote or the funds can be distributed based on proportion of votes received.

The benefits are numerous.

The CSR component helps great causes, obviously.

It also makes a proud statement by the campaign about what issues and causes are important to them.

And it is especially effective as an engagement and virality tool, encouraging backers to spread the word through their networks to build support for their chosen charity.

This is just one of many amazing components BidOkee will make available to crowdfunding campaigns when we launch our unprecedented do-it-yourself crowdfunding platform.

We have a prototype. Check it out at! Help make it happen – we need your support.